Resources for spiritual growth from Chris Morley, writer and Methodist Minister

Welcome to this website! Here you’ll find a summary of books and other material I’ve written or contributed to. Please hover over and follow the links above to get more information about any that interest you. You can buy The Heart of Christmas or Caring Together from me here together with The Wisdom of the Parrot (a selection from the website Pause for Thought). For Tasting Life or any of the reference books to which I have contributed, follow the links to the publisher’s, Kevin Mayhew, website. If you want to know more about me, click here.

Resources for Advent and Lent

tasting lifeTasting Life offers a thought for each day in Lent and some suggested topics for personal reflection. Each thought begins with a news snippet, often one which reflects human idiosyncrasy and might make you smile. Out of it is drawn some thoughts about how we live our lives and relate to God. Each brief thought ends with suggestions for personal reflection under the headings  Rejoice, Reflect, Remember, Resolve. The book’s entire contents can be viewed at Tasting Life.

The Heart of Christmas follows the same pattern for Advent.Heart of Christmas

Each of the books offers a way of using these important weeks in the Christian year to help us grow spiritually. Each book is compact enough to carry around so the reflections can be used during odd free moments of the day or as part of a regular programme of prayer.

A resource for carers


Caring Together contains ten sections of material designed to encourage carers in their work and help them reflect on the caring experience. It arises out of my own experience as a carer and can be used either by individuals or in small groups. It deals with topics such as Caring for yourself, Failure and Anger.

My writing on websites

For some years, I wrote a short reflection for each day and posted it daily on one of my websites. This collection of brief thoughts is available at Pause for Thought and covers a range of themes such as integrity, courage, creativity, mortality.

Reference books

I have also contributed to a number of books published by Kevin Mayhew which contain short articles of help particularly to those involved in pastoral care or leading worship.

‘Facing the Issues’ Facing the issuesexamines Christian approaches to moral dilemmas, social concerns and contemporary issues. I’ve written on genetic manipulation, holidays, lust, persecution, power, promiscuity, redundancy, use of time, violence and wealth.


In ‘Sermons on Difficult Subjects’. I’ve contributed ideas for sermons on youth culture, bankers’ bonuses, redundancy and vandalism!

More sermons

And in ‘More Sermons on difficult subjects’, I’ve suggested ideas about Genetic Manipulation, Lust, Persecution and Promiscuity.

special services

‘Services for Special Occasions’ suggests orders of worship on over fifty different topics. The ones I’ve written are on Friendship and Redundancy.

Other similar books to which I have contributed are ‘Faith Matters’, a series of articles about aspects of Christian belief, where I’ve written on  Jesus, Messiah, Son of God, Son of Man, Lord, Priest, Prophet and the I am sayings of Jesus.

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