Tasting Life

My book, Tasting Life, was published in 2009 and is now available in printed form, as an eBook and on two CDs. In the book, available in full at Tasting Life, I offer daily thoughts designed to help the reader to use the weeks of Lent to rediscover what it is to really live.

The book suggests ways of reflecting on some Lenten themes – drawing  closer to God, discovering more about ourselves, understanding how God  might be encouraging us to move forward in our lives. There’s a  reflection for each day of Lent, with a different theme for each week: Choosing, Living, Longing, Loving, Growing. Each short daily reflection has a light-hearted beginning but a deeper, more challenging ending. There then follow some ideas that you can take a few moments each day thinking about. They come under the headings: Rejoice, Reflect, Remember, Resolve.  I hope the cumulative effect of  these reflections will lead us into savouring life’s riches even more  fully.

Tasting Life is available from the publisher as a book (£9.99), an eBook (£9.99) and as a CD (£19.99). To purchase from the publisher, click here for the book or eBook and here for the CD They charge £3.75 postage.


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