Caring Together

Caring Together is a study guide for carers. Every congregation is likely to have on average one carer for every ten worshippers but carers are a group whose specific needs many churches don’t address. My book, Caring Together, suggests how a group to support them might be organised and offers a range of material for discussion and reflection. The book is available in its entirety, with some pages of extra information, on this website. To navigate, enter the Caring Together section by hovering over the button above and clicking on one of the pages. Then use the table of contents at the bottom of the Caring Together pages.

The book will also be suitable for individual use by carers. It’s full of useful topics for personal reflection and  ideas which will aid self-understanding. Those offering training in pastoral care will also find valuable resources here.

Each Session is divided into three main sections. After  a suggestion for an opening time of quiet, usually based around a well-known song (available from the publisher for £2.99), and a “gathering” activity, the first main section is called “Exploring”. A piece of writing describing at first hand the experience that is the topic for the day is read and then discussed. Then the “Reflecting” section follows a similar pattern with the discussion based on some comments by me on a relevant biblical passage. Finally “Learning” offers insights from a relevant theologian or psychologist for examination by the group. The Session ends with a suggested way of praying on the topic and a thought to go away with.

The book is available from the publishers, Kevin Mayhew. It costs £9.99 plus £3.75 postage. To purchase from the publisher, click here.


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